$6.65 million jury verdict for O’Hare Blue Line train passenger

Verdict by jury:

$6.65 million jury verdict for 33 year-old female security officer who was a passenger on the O’Hare Blue Line train that derailed and crashed as it was coming into O’Hare Airport. The plaintiff struck her head on a metal pole she was holding onto inside of the train and was initially diagnosed with a neck sprain and back sprain. After conservative care failed she underwent spinal surgery for an aggravation of her previously asymptomatic degenerative disk disease/ arthritis in her spine causing her to have to leave her security officer position and take a sedentary position as an Administrative Assistant with the TSA. This verdict is more than 10X what was offered just prior to trial and the largest jury verdict or settlement from any of the O’Hare Blue Line cases. This verdict received national news coverage and appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Sun Times, the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the Washington Post, among others.