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Joliet Car Accident Attorney

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As a civil litigation firm, The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. is regarded as a leader in representing clients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area who have been involved in auto accidents. A car accident lawyer from our firm understands what a chaotic and stressful experience an accident can be. An auto accident injury attorney fully comprehends what clients have ahead of them and how to skillfully guide them through the challenging process. Parente & Norem will ensure that your legal rights are protected at all times, and that includes parties who may have been involved in the accident and even your own insurance company. If any passengers in your vehicle sustained injuries, or if there is significant damage to your car, our car accident injury lawyer can help. Your auto accident lawyer at Parente & Norem will take care of administrative concerns, file the essential paperwork with local and state agencies and initiate negotiations with insurance companies. Consequently, whenever individuals from Joliet require the talent and expertise of the region’s most qualified car accident injury attorney, The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. is the only name they need to know.

Joliet Car Accident Lawyer

Joliet, Illinois is found in Kendall and Will Counties and is also the County Seat of Will County, with close to 150,000 residents. For the convenience of our clients from Joliet, The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. has an office located at 116 North Chicago Street in Joliet. We are distinguished as having an extraordinary team of auto accident injury lawyers who will diligently track-down and immediately interview any and all witnesses, collect medical records and billing statements, as well as, trace any lost wages, and document pain and suffering for our Joliet clients. This information is a critical component to making sure that all losses are accounted for and that Joliet clients are awarded full compensation. That is the reason that a Joliet client can always rely upon a car accident injury attorney at Parente & Norem to not only strive to meet their expectations, but to most likely exceed them.

Joliet Car Accident Injury Attorney

The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. urges individuals who have been in an auto accident to contact an experienced auto accident lawyer in their firm as soon as possible after their accident. There are critical time limitations concerning auto accident lawsuits. What’s more, it is important that your car accident injury lawyer is able to examine all the pertinent details and information surrounding the accident. We are especially proud of our firm’s virtues of: experience, dedication and proven results. Your auto accident injury attorney at Parente & Norem is committed to not only securing justice for you, but in recovering the most favorable monetary results for you. Our team is renowned for recouping sizable awards for victims of automobile accidents. In the event you have been involved in a car accident, it is time you reached out to The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. and called us at: (312) 641-5926 to schedule a complimentary consultation, today, to discuss your case.

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