$600K settlement for 55 year-old salesman that was rear ended while working

$405K settlement for 46 year-old maintenance worker who was injured on the job.

$520K Settlement for a 47 year-old Medical Delivery Driver

$5.445M net jury verdict against Union Pacific Rail Road for injured an railroad worker brought under FELA.

$766K Neck Fusion

$450K for 50-year-old Union Pipefitter

$150K for 22-year-old Union Electrician

$158K for 52-year-old Electrician

$140K for 65-year-old Nurse

$150K for 22-year-old Union Electrician

$310K settlement for a 58-year-old union laborer

$151K award for 51-year-old union carpenter

$137K settlement for a 44-year-old delivery driver

$175K settlement for a 51-year-old delivery driver

$250K settlement for a 38-year-old youth counselor

$350K settlement for 62-year-old office worker

$242,378 for 60 year-old union laborer with shoulder and neck injuries

$285K for 55 year-old grain elevator worker with a back injury

$130K for 54 year-old roofer with a neural arm injury

$191,417 settlement for a 53 year-old truck driver with shoulder and back injuries

$405K settlement for 39 year-old union carpenter with hip, back, and pelvic fractures

$113K lump sum settlement for 35 year-old union equipment operator

$119K settlement for 55 year-old truck driver with back injury

$120K settlement for 32 year-old salesperson with neck injury

$171K lump sum settlement for 47 year-old union electrician

$175K settlement for a union electronics installer

$180K settlement for union carpenter with shoulder injury