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The attorneys at Parente at Norem – Joliet are distinguished as having an extraordinary team of Joliet auto accident injury lawyers who will diligently track-down and immediately interview any and all witnesses, collect medical records and billing statements, as well as, trace any lost wages, and

Joliet accident attorney of Parente & Norem

Joliet accident attorney of Parente & Norem

document pain and suffering for our Joliet clients. This information is a critical component to making sure that all losses are accounted for and that Joliet clients are awarded full compensation. That is the reason that a Joliet client can always rely upon a car accident injury attorney at Parente & Norem to not only strive to meet their expectations, but to most likely exceed them.

Vehicle Accidents Attorneys serving Joliet and Will County Advice if you have an accident

Getting into a car accident is a terrifying and stressful experience. It is also unfortunately very common. Auto accidents are one of the major causes of severe bodily injury and death each year.

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Car Accident Attorneys of Parente & Norem service Joliet, IL. and Will County

These accidents can completely alter the victim’s quality of life and prevent them from being able to provide for themselves and their families. During this difficult time there will be paperwork that needs to be completed, as well as correspondence with different agencies and individuals about the accident. The attorneys at Parente at Norem – Joliet can help you with these administrative matters and start negotiations with the insurance companies.

Immediately following an auto accident, the first step is to make sure that everyone involved is okay. If anyone was injured call paramedics immediately so that they can receive proper medical attention. The aftermath of an accident can be confusing and overwhelming, but it is important that information be exchanged with the involved parties if they are able.

It is also important to gather information from any witnesses to the accident, including their name, number, and address. Call the police and file a police report, and take pictures of the scene of the accident if it is safe to do so.Write down the following:
– Full name
– Phone number
– Address
– Insurance information
– Driver’s license number
– License plate number
– Vehicle description

There are many different kinds of motor vehicle lawsuits that can be filed. In addition to vehicle collisions, some claims may involve bicycle accidents, bus accidents, boating accidents, or even a hit and run. The causes of these accidents may be due to driver negligence, bad weather conditions, speeding, or mechanical failure. As the circumstances underlying each accident varies it is important that you speak with an attorney to better understand your situation and how to proceed.

A wide range of injuries can result from an auto accident ranging from minor scrapes to severe bodily injury or death. Common injuries resulting from vehicle accidents involve lacerations, burns, organ damage and internal bleeding, broken bones, back and neck injury, traumatic brain injury, and death. It is also possible that some injuries will first be noticed in the days following the accident, in which case it is important that the victim seek medical attention as soon as possible. The physician should be notified of the accident, as they will be able to officially document any sustained injuries.

The losses suffered by injured victims of an auto accident can be life-changing, and lead to emotional anguish and financial struggles. The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, PC – Joliet can help you fight for compensation for the resulting pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, and medical bills. By providing services that thoroughly investigate your vehicle accident, our attorneys can recover the compensation you deserve.

Joliet Car Accident Injury Attorney

The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. urges individuals who have been in an auto accident to contact an experienced auto accident lawyer in their firm as soon as possible after their accident. There are critical time limitations concerning auto accident lawsuits. What’s more, it is important that your car accident injury lawyer is able to examine all the pertinent details and information surrounding the accident. We are especially proud of our firm’s virtues of: experience, dedication and proven results. Your auto accident injury attorney at Parente & Norem is committed to not only securing justice for you, but in recovering the most favorable monetary results for you. Our team is renowned for recouping sizable awards for victims of automobile accidents. In the event you have been involved in a car accident, it is time you reached out to The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. and called us at: (815) 768-2417 to schedule a complimentary consultation, today, to discuss your case.

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