Medical Malpractice Attorneys Serving the Greater Chicago Area

Medical malpractice or medical negligence claims can occur when a medical provider, facility, or staff member exhibited negligence that caused harm, personal injury, or even wrongful death to a victim. These can be very emotional claims as victims and their loved ones are left with a medical and legal quagmire that can easily become overwhelming. If there was a wrongful death caused by medical negligence, survivors connected to the victim can be heartbroken and left with many questions that the negligent party(s) fail to answer.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorneys servicing the Greater Chicago area.

Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. have the legal knowledge and experience to help you get the answers and compensation to which you may be legally entitled. Using legal tools such as subpoenas and depositions, our medical malpractice lawyers can determine if medical negligence occurred and file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Some medical procedures require you to sign a waiver beforehand.  Even if you signed a waiver prior to your medical procedure, you still may be entitled to compensation. Medical waivers do not provide blanket immunity to physicians and care givers. Furthermore, medical waivers do not mean that you consented to medical negligence. Our lawyers will evaluate all of the facts of your case to help you determine if medical negligence has occurred and if you have a valid claim.

Our medical malpractice attorneys are available for a free consultation to discuss your situation in further detail.  It could be irreversibly detrimental to a case if there is failure to act quickly.

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