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The wrongful death attorneys with the Law Office of Parente & Norem, P.C. understand that few experiences are more devastating than the loss of a loved one due to the deliberate, reckless, or negligent actions of another. Wrongful death is often sudden and unexpected. Events unravel quickly and chaotically, and the family is left confused, frustrated, and emotionally drained. Many times, families turn to our wrongful death attorneys to make sense of the situation.

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Widow to be paid more than $3 million in wrongful death lawsuit.

In addition to the emotional distress, wrongful death often results in financial hardship for the surviving family members. Our wrongful death lawyers can help protect the financial stability of the

household. There are often medical bills and funeral expenses that can be burdensomely expensive. If the deceased contributed to the household income, there are lost wages, including future earnings, to worry about. The surviving family members may now be without medical insurance coverage or have no way of paying for their child’s college tuition or making the mortgage payment.

The emotional distress and financial hardship that accompanies wrongful death can be overwhelming for families. This is where the experience of our wrongful death attorneys can be of great help and comfort to you.

Many times, surviving family members cannot get answers to their questions about what happened to their loved one. Using various legal tools, our wrongful death lawyers can get the information you need and assist you with securing the compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

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If you suspect that the death of your loved one was due to the deliberate, reckless, or negligent actions of another, our wrongful death attorneys want to help. Although there is no amount of money that can substitute for your loss, you should not be forced into financial ruin because of the negligence of another. Our wrongful death attorneys handle your case with compassionate professionalism to help secure the monetary damages to which you are legally entitled.

For information on how our attorneys can assist you, please contact the law firm of Parente & Norem. We fight for your rights.


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