$2.1M settlement for 34 year-old unemployed woman obtained against Chicago Department of Aviation Police for aggravation of her pre existing C4-5, C5-6 disk herniations that were made worse following this crash with a department officer and eventually requiring surgery.

$1.5M settlement for 42 year-old barber who was struck in his vehicle by tractor trailer causing him to strike median on highway.

$300K settlement for 48 year-old mechanic

$600K settlement for 55 year-old salesman that was rear ended while working

$405K settlement for 46 year-old maintenance worker who was injured on the job.

$1.4 million settlement for 38 year-old salesman struck by a company truck

$520K Settlement for a 47 year-old Medical Delivery Driver

$761,000 Settlement for Driver Who Was Rear-Ended

$2.3 Million Jury Verdict for Self-Employed Carpenter

$4 Million Dollar Settlement for Estate of a Man

$600K settlement for 36 year-old woman injured in vehicle collision

$6M for motorcycle passenger against her husband

$710K settlement for retired iron worker rear-ended by a school bus

$2.95M settlement for 37 year-old male who sustained a pilon ankle fracture

$500K settlement for 26-year-old mother who was sideswiped

$2.4 million for 59 year-old truck driver

$3 million settlement in auto auction vehicle accident

Confidential settlement for homeless man run over by commuter train

$400K settlement for male and female students rear-ended on Interstate 94

$13.75M settlement and $12.95M verdict obtained for 17 year-old female who was severely burned

$460,000 settlement in collision with City of Chicago squad car

$475,000 settlement for accident related injuries

29 year-old male who was rear-ended by a semi truck

18 year-old female car passenger suffers fractured femur

30 year-old male rear-ended

Settlement for woman injured automobile accident

$700,000 settlement obtained for 19 year-old laborer