Work Place Accidents

Serious knee injury in workplace fall

$537,000.00 jury verdict against a developer for a carpenter's helper who sustained a serious knee injury when a joist he was standing on gave way, and he fell into the basement of a building he was constructing.

School teacher injured from deck collapse

$650,000.00 settlement for 24 year-old school teacher who suffered a fractured heel and an "pylon fracture" of his other ankle when an elevated deck collapsed at an apartment building where he was attending a get together with friends.

$735,000 settlement in construction accident

$735,000.00 settlement plus complete waiver of $350,000.00 worker's compensation lien for a 28-year-old construction laborer who fell approximately two feet off of an A-frame ladder...

Iron Worker Injured by Steel Plate

$1.675 million settlement for 37 year-old iron worker who was hit with a piece of plate steel when it came off of an electric hoist he was using that did not have a safety catch or "mouse" on the hook.