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Chicago Daily Law Bulletin  // In Circuit Court

A construction worker who fell from an overhang covering a concrete stairwell reached a $1.1 million settlement with the general contractor on the project. The plaintiff, whose right foot was severely injured as a result of the fall, was an employee of a siding subcontractor that had been enlisted by the general contractor to do rough framing work on a residence.

The plaintiff was represented by Joseph D. Parente and Christopher M. Norem of Parente & Norem P.C. Co-defendants David Beechy and By-The-Book Construction were repre- sented by Larry Schectman and Rita Filiaggi of O’Hagan, Smith & Amundsen LLC, and Jon Yambert of Chilton, Yambert, Porter & Coghlan, respectively. The case was settled on Friday before Cook County Circuit Court Judge Richard J. Elrod. Mark Anderson v. David Beechy and By-The-Book Construction Inc., No. 00 L 004344.

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TUESDAY, AUGUST 5, 2003 // Volume 149, No. 152